Tangle Teezer l Activity & Wins 2021

Tangle Teezer l Activity & Wins 2021

We have had a fantastic year with Tangle Teezer so far with lots of fun and exciting PR activity along with great recognition with award wins.

Our creative drops have centred around NPD launches including the Scalp Brush and Detangling Sprays. Both received excellent coverage with the Detangling Sprays creating the most organic and enthusiastic reception of the year. There was a genuine love for the product with many follow up posts sharing their love of the scent and detangling powers! We ran two drops mixing both our NPD and long standing favourites with a ‘Back to School’ and ‘Afro and Curly Hair Drop’ to showcase the variety within the Tangle Teezer range, there really is a product for everyone and every hair type.

We won ‘Best Brush’ in STELLAR Magazine and Hi! Best Beauty Buys. It is great to receive such high accolades and recognition for a much loved brand favourite.

Overall it has been a great year for Tangle Teezer and we very much look forward to all that is to come in 2022.

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