New KISS Products Launched!

New KISS Products Launched!

 Feast your eyes on the exciting NEW KISS ranges!

The NEW KISS ranges are sure to enhance your looks these coming Autumn and Winter months! These new KISS ranges are currently trending all over social media, highlighting these innovative new designs that are wearable for all skin tones and eye-shapes but gives you the freedom to personalise your look!

KISS Lash Drip Range & Lash Couture Masterpiece Range!
The new KISS Lash Drip range have that trending wet look finish. They are flattering on most eye shapes and give a hydrated effect for thicker, bolder & darker lashes.

The new KISS Lash Couture range have innovative Long Tapered Technology that gives each lash fiber a seamless taper that looks more natural than any other lash.
The lashes are reusable up to 20 times.

New KISS Falscara Wisps &
KISS Magnetic Eyeliner & Lashes!
 Unlike traditional falsies, Falscara WISPS go under your natural lashes, so the bands aren’t visible. These new WISPS are all about Extra Drama and a great addition to our current Lengthening and Natural Wispy styles. Re-wearable up to 3x using Falscara Bond and Seal and Falscara Remover!

We perfected magnetic makeup to a whole new level: Like magic, the Magnetic Lashes cling to the Eyeliner (a revolutionary formula) like glue (but there’s no glue needed!)


KISS Gel Fantasy Nails, Premium Classy Nails, KISS imPress Color Nails & KISS Bare But Better Nails!

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails are a set of luxe ready-to-wear gel-manicure nails that effortlessly apply in minutes and last up to a week. The hassle-free, instant nails can be applied with glue or press-on adhesive tabs.

New Premium KISS Classy Nails are French Nails with a high fashion upgrade. DIY French mani with a modern flair, now with glitter and rhinestones for a more high-end look.

Have nails your way with no bling, accents, frills, or spills!
In 4 solid shades, NEW imPress Color Nails come in as many fashion-forward hues as nail polish. 

 New KISS Bare but Better TruNude Nails shades flatter your skin tone. Whether you prefer short or long nails, Bare but Better Nails gives you the option of both!

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